How SAFE-T System Works

SAFE-T System uses telehealth technology to remotely connect partner hospitals with expert nurses to assist during sexual assault examinations. Through our nurse-designed telehealth technology, our remote expert can see the live exam in progress to ensure best practices, proper evidence collection and a safe, supportive environment for the patient.


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A nurse-developed, proprietary tele-forensic camera paired with secure video conferencing technology ensures our expert nurses can see, hear, and respond to patient needs in real-time on a 24/7 basis. The expert nurse appears on a screen where they can talk to and support both the on-site nurse and the patient.

In addition to meeting patient needs, our expert nurses also guide the onsite clinician to ensure the highest standard of care is achieved. Collected evidence is preserved and protected with the utmost security, and our in-house tech support is available 24/7 and is never more than a phone call away.

Our expert nurses are specially trained in delivering highly sensitive forensic exams while safeguarding a survivor’s right to justice and healing. Additionally, the SAFE-T System model provides infrastructure for connecting providers and survivors with local community supports to ensure their healing journey continues after treatment. 

Flexible Support to Fit Your Needs

No matter what your SANE capabilities or resources are today, we can help every hospital move toward the ideal standard of sexual assault care. SAFE-T System has two core models that support hospitals to deliver high-quality, trauma-informed care to survivors in their own community.

team safe model of care


Everyone wants to deliver excellent SA care. Rural hospitals often lack specialty care. TEAM SAFE allows rural hospitals and those without a team of local SANEs to bring SANE expertise via telehealth technology. This is a first step toward delivering expert SA care.

Better Care:

Ideal for hospitals with:

  • Small number of annual SA cases (<15)
  • No local trained SANE availability around the clock

SAFE-T System Provides:

  • Telehealth software with tele-forensic camera
  • 24/7 access to teleSANE
  • TeleSANE consultation for every case

safe place model of care

SAFE Place

SAFE Place hospitals are dedicated to building and growing a comprehensive local SANE response with support from SAFE-T System to train, mentor, and provide ongoing telehealth consultation and program support. This is the best care system available for patients and for sustaining a quality SANE response in communities.

New Standard of Care:

Ideal for hospitals with:

  • Significant number of annual SA cases (>15)
  • Interest in building a 24/7 local SANE response

SAFE-T System Provides:

  • Comprehensive SANE training
  • Policy and Procedure review and guidance
  • Telehealth software with tele-forensic camera
  • 24/7 access to teleSANE
  • Continuous education for hospital SANEs
  • Community engagement

SAFE Place Model

SAFE-T System’s SAFE Place Model sets the new standard for sexual assault trauma care. It is a multi-faceted approach that combines community engagement, SANE training, and peer networking with around-the-clock technological support.

The SAFE Place model includes:

  • Community engagement:  Individual meetings with local interdisciplinary partners, such as hospital leadership, victim advocates, law enforcement, and district attorneys, build on strengths to solve unmet community needs. Local media are notified and purposefully included in a public launch celebration to ensure the community knows that trained providers are ready to care for those who experience trauma.
  • SANE training: Online SANE training includes 41 hours of coursework followed by 2 days of hands-on skills training at the Penn State University (PSU) SAFE-T Center simulation lab.
  • Telehealth technology: SAFE-T System technology includes a telehealth cart and telehealth-enabled forensic camera as well as 24/7 IT support;
  • 24/7 access to teleSANE experts: SAFE-T System includes a network of teleSANEs. These expert nurses are available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • SANE Peer Network: All nurses trained by SAFE-T System receive ongoing access to monthly peer review and educational meetings. Sane Practice Network activities include journal club, photo/case review sessions, and guidance and preparation for court testimony. Our model influences superior quality examinations, builds the SANE workforce, and leads to longer-term sustainability. 


Telehealth Equitable Access Model

TEAM SAFE adapts our successful SAFE Place Model to meet the needs of communities both overburdened by high rates of sexual assault and chronically under-resourced. Hospital leaders want to provide quality care for community members, but numerous barriers can prevent the creation of a quality response or engagement with an expert hub.

The TEAM SAFE model lays an accessible foundation for better sexual assault care that can also be built upon as resources become available. The journey from TEAM SAFE to SAFE Place includes building a local SANE nurse team, providing training and education, seeking expert case reviews, and engaging in advocacy with the community.

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