SAFE-T System for Nurse Leaders

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Equipping Nurses

With SAFE-T System, you have access to an expert nurse when you need it most: as you are performing examinations. SAFE-T System teleSANEs provide precepting to enhance your expertise, ensuring that you do not have to do this difficult work in isolation. 

Nurse talking to patient during a SA exam

Sustainable SANE-led teams begin with nurses who want to do this work. SAFE-T helps interested nurses learn about the role and identify whether they may be a fit for this work. All nurses receive comprehensive training that includes an International Association of Forensic Nurses-approved didactic course and an immersive clinical skills practicum.

From the moment nurses complete their training, they have access to expert SAFE-T teleSANE preceptorss who will partner with them during exams and help them to develop their practice as a new SANE. Nurses can rest assured knowing that the SAFE-T teleSANE expert is truly a partner who they can rely on for support and mentorship. In addition to live exam support, nurses can participate and receive continuing education by participating in various SAFE-T training opportunities including journal club and photo review. Finally, should you be subpoenaed to testify in court, SAFE-T teleSANEs will work with you to review the case and prepare for court. With SAFE-T, you are never alone in this work.

nurses training lab practicum

What Nurses Are Saying

I really appreciate having the telehealth collaboration as it just ensures that you have adequate support while doing these sensitive exams and they provide very good feedback and assist when you need it.
I felt very supported with my teleSANE. If I was tripped up and forgot a step or the patient asked a question that I wasn’t fully sure of, she was able to step in and help out.
I was so thankful to have [SAFE-T teleSANE] there with me. It was a difficult case but she was extremely supportive and really helped me build confidence throughout my first exam.
The teleSANE was crucial for the success of this exam. Thank you!

Support for Hospital Administrators: Retention and Compliance

Sexual assault examinations can be technically challenging and emotionally difficult, and staff performing these exams may be difficult to retain. SAFE-T System helps administrators train and retain talented nurses by offering quality assurance, peer support, mentorship, and on-demand training. We can help your nurses do a better job and feel confident in their work. SAFE-T programs can be customized to meet the large-scale needs of entire health systems as well as the targeted, unique needs of individual critical access hospitals.

Partnering with SAFE-T System ensures that your hospital is ready to respond to sexual assault patients in a timely manner without significant disruption to emergency department flow. SAFE-T System provides the knowledge and oversight to identify weaknesses and strengthen support for sexual assault care. SAFE-T System facilitated an average of 34 hospital system-wide changes in policies, procedures, and protocols per partner site.1 With a partnership in place, you can be confident that sexual assault patients will receive expert care.
1. Miyamoto et al., (2021), “…A program Evaluation”, A Journal of Forensic Nursing

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